I’m Kathrine, I’m 38 years old, Norwegian, living with my partner and a bunch of kids at a little farm, right next to the ocean and lots of forest 🙂 10403706_932659973431340_2450086201696365404_n

I am a certified Life Coach and Reconnective Healer Level II.
I have several years of experience coaching and Healing, but I quit working in that field, right now I mostly work as a mum, but I have a few other projects going as well.

Mostly I love my job as a mum, but I also really love increasing positivity into the world, and thats what I want to use this website, YouTube and Facebook for.

My YouTube channel is right here

Facebook page is here: Lev Lykkelig – Live Happily.

Thank you for joining! I’d love to hear from you 😀


Lev Lykkelig Live Happily