21 days for happiness – day 4 of 21

Day 4! Woop woops 🙂


What do you think of yourself? Do you feel worthy? Do you feel loveable? I hope you do, even if you do or you don’t it will not hurt to amplify this. For others to accept and love you, you have to love and accept yourself first. When you feel good about yourself, you are able to give more to others too. Plus it will motivate you and make you feel healthier.

One thing that is important for happiness is self love. And thats the technique we will be working on today, if thats something you need to work more on you can use this as often as you like.
Whenever you pass a mirror, stop and look at yourself, tell yourself what you love about yourself, why you are worthy, why you accept yourself. If it feels too awkward to say out loud, you can just do it quietly of course. But I believe the effect will be best if you do it out loud. You can say: “I love you” , “You are worthy”, “Someone loves you”, “you are magnificent” etc – just see if you can find words that ressonate with yourself and use those 🙂

So try this today and see how it feels, and if you like it and feel a difference, or that you have use of it, then do it as often as possible, maybe every morning when you look in the mirror, and at night before you go to bed. It will give you a good start of the day 🙂


Today’s tasks are:

1. Write down minimum 5 things in your life that you are grateful for, or happy about.

And really feel the gratitude, feel the happiness within. If you can’t find 5 things, try to at least find 1, there is at least 1 thing you can be grateful for, I guarantee you. And if you find more than 5 that’s even better! Just try and see, it will make you happier.

And the earlier in the day you do it, the better.

2. Tell yourself in the mirror why you love and accept yourself 🙂 ❤

Alright, thats it for today. Good luck, and if you have any questions you can reach me on email kathrine@levlykkelig.no or via my facebook page right here. Lev Lykkelig – Live Happily

Todays video is right here:

#lovewins #lawofattraction #thankful #gratitude



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