21 days for happiness – day 2 of 21

So how was your first day? Different I bet 🙂 But fun I hope 🙂
Most of us are so used to just complaining, and we focus a lot on the negative things in our lives. Even just a day started with gratitude can make you feel a change.
And if you find yourself having a horrible day, or something bad happens to you, you can look back into your notepad, or wherever you have written your gratitude list, and find the good things again.

Today I’m gonna talk about smiling a bit, a smile can do more than you imagine. It can change a persons day, I heard a story about a man that smiled at all strangers that he drove by, just because. And apparently he saved a woman’s life, because she had plans on ending her life that day, but the smile from that stranger made her think twice, and realize that someone probably cares about her. And its always that way, there is ALWAYS someone, at least one person that cares about you, no matter how alone you feel, no matter how badly you feel others are hating you. There is at least one person that cares about you, I promise. And you can also count me in, I care about you! You are never alone 🙂

A smile can change your day, just try to be mad and smile at the same time. 😉 I bet you can’t! 😀 Its close to impossible, maybe try that, next time you are having a feeling you don’t want to have, try to smile, it might actually help 🙂

A smile is contagious, if you smile to someone, chances are they will pass it on further, it can cause sort of a ripple effect of smiles. I can just picture dominoes of smiles falling 🙂 One after the other.

So whenever you can today, SMILE! 😀

Today’s tasks are:

1. Write down minimum 5 things in your life that you are grateful for, or happy about.
And really feel the gratitude, feel the happiness within. If you can’t find 5 things, try to at least find 1, there is at least 1 thing you can be grateful for, I guarantee you. And if you find more than 5 that’s even better! Just try and see, it will make you happier.

And the earlier in the day you do it, the better.

2. Smile at a stranger (or someone you know, most important, spread your smile all over the place) 🙂 😀 ❤



Alright, thats it for today. Good luck, and if you have any questions you can reach me on email kathrine@levlykkelig.no or via my facebook page right here. Lev Lykkelig – Live Happily

Todays video is right here:



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